Allt material på min webbplats ( är i grunden upphovsrättsligt skyddat i enlighet med Svensk lagstiftning (SFS 1960:729) och Bernkonventionens bestämmelser. Detta innebär att all text, alla bilder, layout och illustrationer är copyright-skyddade för bloggens ägares räkning, Anders Hansson. Bloggens ägare har utfärdat en generell Creative Commons Erkännande 4.0 Internationell Licens (CC BY 4.0). Licensen ger dig tillstånd att dela, kopiera och vidare distribuera materialet oavsett medium eller format. Vidare får du bearbeta, remixa, transformera, och bygga vidare på materialet för alla ändamål, även kommersiellt — förutsatt att du ger ett korrekt erkännande, anger en hyperlänk till licensen, och anger om bearbetningar är gjorda. Du måste göra så i enlighet med god sed, och inte på ett sätt som ger en bild av att licensgivaren stödjer dig eller ditt användande. Dessutom får du inte tillämpa lagliga begränsningar eller teknologiska metoder som juridiskt begränsar andra från att gör något som licensen tillåter. Licensgivaren kan inte återkalla dessa friheter så länge du följer licensvillkoren.

Alla andra varumärken som omnämns på min webbplats är upphovsrättsligt skyddade (‘copyright’. ©) och/eller varumärkesskyddade (‘registered trademark’, ™) till respektive ägare.

Kakor (‘Cookies’)

En cookie är en textfil som lagras lokalt på din dator. Textfilen innehåller information som kan hämtas upp vid ett senare besök på en webbplats. Cookies används på min webbplats för att identifiera besökare och optimera webbplatsen för mina besökare. Om du inte vill acceptera att jag lagrar cookies på din dator så måste du stänga av cookies i din webbläsare. Detta innebär givetvis att funktionaliteten på min webbplats kan begränsas.

Integritet och personuppgifter

All information som du anger på min webbplats, till exempel när du skriver en kommentar, hålls inom de sidor som ingår i webbplatsen DjupaTankar. Observera att kommentarer du lämnar på webbplatsen automatiskt vidarebefordras till webbplatsens Facebook-sida, Twitter-konto samt Path-konto. Genom att skriva en kommentar, trycka på en sk ”Like” eller ‘Dela’ (”Share”) knapp beviljar du oåterkalleligen utgivaren/webbplatsen rätten att publicera detta, även på andra webbplatser, i marknadsföringssyfte eller informationssyfte. Om ditt inlägg är kränkande kan det redigeras eller helt tas bort, om innehållet är olagligt löper du risken att polisanmälas för detta. Jag ger aldrig ut några som helst personliga uppgifter till tredje part. Det enda undantaget är om rättsliga åtgärder eller lagstiftning kräver att jag lämnar ut dessa uppgifter.


** IN ENGLISH  ***

This site (and it’s associated top-level Swedish domain) is hosted in Sweden and primarily aimed at Swedish-speakers based in Sweden. The below English legal text is provided as courtesy to interested parties not fluent in Swedish. The above Swedish text shall in all instances take legal precedence. The legal jurisdiction of this site and it’s published contents resides with The Courts of Law of The Kingdom of Sweden and is governed by Swedish Law, in accordance with applicable International treaties and conventions.

All material on my web site ( is copyrighted in accordance with Swedish legislation (Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works SFS 1960:729) and as set out in the Berne Convention (1886). This means that all text, images, layout and illustrations are copyright protected for the web site’s owner, Anders Hansson. The blog owner hereby grants a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). You are free to share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, as well as adapt, remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially — provided that; you give appropriate credit, provides a link to the license, and indicates if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

All other trademarks shown, mentioned or referenced, are the sole intellectual and legal property of respective registered owners. and/or it’s contributors claim no ownership, no partnership, nor any right to affiliation with these trademarks. These inviolable rights are guaranteed in Swedish legislation, specifically the Trade Marks Act (SFS 1960:644), Trade Marks Regulation (SFS 1960:648), The Patents Act (1967:837), Design Protection Act (SFS 1970:485), Regulation on Foreign Trademarks etc. (1970:495) and The Trade Names Act (1974:156). Unlike the USA, Sweden is not a signatory to the Universal Copyright Convention.

N.B. The © (copyright symbol) sign is not recognised by Swedish law, neither is the ™ (trademark symbol) sign.


A cookie is a small text file that is (usually) saved locally on your device when visiting a web site. This file may contain identifying information (about your device and/or log-in details and/or preferences) created during your visit to a web site. The purpose of the cookie is to store this information until it can be retrieved by the web site or one of it’s affiliated sites. For instance, a ”tracking cookie” may store this web site’s URL, a ”persistent cookie” might store your log-in details – if you provided them that is – so that you don’t have to log-in on subsequent visits. (That’s what happens when you tick that ”Remember Me” box next to a log-in prompt). Most cookies have a pre-defined expiry date, that can range from hours to years – Facebook’s persistent cookies usually have an expiry date of 25 months! Cookies are used on my website to identify registered blog-post commentators on return visits. If you do not wish to accept cookies from this web site you must yourself disable this function in your browser. This may impair functions and features of this site, during your visit.

Your Integrity and Privacy

This site uses tracking software that will poll (ask) your browser (and by extension the device it runs on) a range of technical questions to gain further insights into your browser and operative system’s technical capabilities. Once compiled and anonymised, I can use this data to decide on technical/design solutions to further enhance the site’s accessibility to regular visitors. Example of data collected: device screen resolution, device operative system (OS), browser brand/version; as well as logistical data concerning your ISPs connectivity to the Internet, your browser will be challenged to reveal it’s point of origin, that is whatever URLs that hides in your browser’s Back button, your language settings, your physical location based on your IP-address (automated reverse IP-lookup) as well as simply ask the browser if it ”knows” where it is? (GPS equipped devices are often very happy to share this.) This helps me to understand not only who is visting my site but more importantly, who has linked to this site, whether it was a direct link (something you clicked on another web site), an e-mail embedded link (this will tell me what mail software you use but not your e-mail address or any other part of the e-mail’s contents or it’s sender). Please be aware that Search Engines often include any keywords used in the URL for the page where the link to this site was provided, meaning it is possible not only to see what Search Engine referred you here but also what keywords were used to find this site and therefore by extension, this site’s ranking/rating in that search engine. This of course helps me to better manage my Search Engine listings and what keywords to use (or not).

Any information provided on the site, for instance if you log in to write a comment, is maintained within the site and never shared with third parties. The only exception to this, is if disclosure is legally mandated or required by law enforcement authorities, in accordance and compliance with Swedish law. By leaving a comment, pressing a ”Like” or ”Share” button, you irrevocably agree for these comments to be published here, as well as, at the site owner’s discretion, on other web sites for publicity or information purposes only.

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